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sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Cultural Heritage in Brazil, o livro.

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"Brazil was among the first countries in Latin America to conceive and implement public policies aimed at protecting and preserving its historic and cultural heritage. Laws and institutions were created for this purpose in the 1930’s. This book introduces the English-language reader to an analysis of those policies, but moreover, it takes an innovative approach to cultural heritage studies by focusing on the local point of view. The southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre is the stage where the conflict between city dwellers and local government authorities takes place. This conflict is not concentrated in one single event, but is present and negotiated in the social interactions among neighbours every time the subject of “heritage” arises. The author brings the social interactions among the residents of Travessa dos Venezianos in central Porto Alegre to life. Through her narrative account, informed by an anthropological perspective, the reader is invited to engage with the ordinary Brazilian residents of a listed street. One can see through their eyes, understand their thoughts and feel how they feel. That is the great challenge posed by this book."

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